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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified


Karrianne Berberich, OCT

I was born and raised in Kitchener and have been teaching in the Waterloo Region

for over 15 years. While the majority of that time was spent in public education teaching Kindergarten, I have spent the past two years teaching in a private school setting. 


Kid Roots Academy is the next phase in my teaching career and I am thrilled

to be providing this program for our regions' youngest learners. 

Kelly V - 

Educational Assistant

I always looked forward to spending time in Karrianne's classroom. The environment was very warm, welcoming and  highly-structured. Her program ran smoothly and efficiently and I always knew what to expect when I walked in. Karrianne has high expectations and well-established rules and routines. She is firm but fair and caring and compassionate in nature. It is obvious the students adore her and feel safe and secure in her presence. It amazed me how she could command a group of 25+ students. She made it seem effortless, easily captivating their attention and engaging them in fun and enriching learning experiences. A sense of humour is essential in a kindergarten classroom and Karrianne has that in spades. She was always joking with and teasing the students and they ate it up... so many smiles and lots of laughter. Karrianne has an innate ability where children are concerned and any student is lucky to have her as their teacher.

Melissa C -


My son was a student of Karriannes's for a few years (because of his disability he had extra time in her classroom) and she has been his most favourite teacher! Karrianne is insightful and thoughtful with how she cares for the students in her class. Her program set my son up for years of learning and helped him so much along the way! I highly recommend getting time in class with Ms. B!

Tessa Z - 

Teaching Partner

I worked with Karrianne in a summer school Kindergarten setting. As a new teacher, I was privileged to learn from her during this program. Karrianne is organized, personable, caring and empathetic; all qualities of an exceptional educator. She does not only teach the students to set them up for academic success, she also takes the time to get to know each student personally and make them feel safe and part of a classroom community. From making bubbles in science to learning numbers with a rhyme in math, it was never a dull moment in the classroom with Karrianne's unique lessons and activities. The students absolutely loved her sense of humour and the classes that incorporated their interests into learning. Your child will flourish under Karrianne's instruction!

Carie A - 

Kindergarten Colleague

I worked with Karrianne for several years and her passion for Kindergarten was very evident. She has a positive energy and enthusiastic personality. Karrianne finds creative ways to teach the curriculum content that keep the class interested and engaged. Her students are motivated and intellectually stimulated, and her successful teaching techniques are reflected in the development of her students.

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