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Our Program

Fun & Learning

What We Offer

   Kid Roots Academy takes        great pride in offering...

  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere

  • A positive and safe learning environment

  • Small class sizes (max of 8)

  • Effective teaching and learning strategies

  • Whole-class and small group instruction

  • One-on-one guidance and support

Program Design

   The structure of the program       is designed to...


  • Foster independence

  • Nurture responsibility

  • Develop social skills

  • Teach respect

  • Activate curiosity

  • Develop confidence

  • Instill pride

  • Encourage risk-taking

  • Introduce academics

  • Inspire learning

  • Promote development

In Addition

   Students will have the             opportunity to take part in...


  • Physical Education

  • Library Day

  • Cooking/Baking

  • Nature Walks

  • Community Outings

  • Field Trips

  • Spirit Days

  • Special Lunches

  • Monthly Birthday Celebrations

  • Holiday Celebrations

                   ...and so much more!


Areas of Learning

Personal & Social Development

Personal and social development is

one of the key aspects of pre-K and Kindergarten. A great deal of time is spent helping students develop self-help skills, self-regulation, problem-solving, and appropriate social skills. These elements are what allow each student to

develop a sense of identity and learn

to navigate new environments

confidently and independently.


Language is embedded in every aspect of an effective pre-K and Kindergarten program. It is critical for students to have ongoing opportunities to develop their speech and language skills. Talking, listening, and speaking to others are key to their oral language development while letter knowledge, vocabulary, and print awareness are key to helping them

learn to read and write.


  Math in pre-K and Kindergarten is so much fun and can be incorporated into many lessons and activities. Counting is non-stop in the classroom and numbers and shapes are everywhere.

Sorting, patterning, graphing and measuring generate visual awareness and draw students attention to a variety of elements in the world around them.                                                                                                          


Children are natural scientists. They are driven by curiosity and the need to make their world more predictable. Having students partake in scientific inquiry and discovery through hands-on investigations allows them to explore, engage,

wonder and better understand and connect to the world in which we live. 


Through the various art forms - visual arts, music, drama and dance - students' imaginations are activated and engaged. They are free to explore, discover, create and express themselves in a variety of ways. Scissors and glue produce masterpieces, music ignites a desire to sing and dance, and drama offers an opportunity to perform.

Health and Physical Activity

 Engaging in activities to develop fine-motor and gross-motor control are crucial to students' physical developmenand ability to operate safely and effectively 

in their environment. Discussions around being active, eating nutritious foods

and practicing proper personal hygiene help students better understand what

it means to be healthy. 

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