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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Preschool Class


At Kid Roots Academy, we aim to provide a positive first school experience that serves to instill a love of learning and help students acquire foundational skills essential for future school success.


Why Choose Us?

It is critical for young learners to get off to a

good start at school. It is important to facilitate

positive attitude toward learning early on to

set the tone for subsequent grades. The small class sizes

at Kid Roots Academy make certain this happens.


We get to know our students on a personal level and provide the attention they need and deserve. Students feel safer and more secure in their environment and are more willing to takes risks. And less time spent managing

means more time spent teaching and learning. 

There is no one-size-fits-all method of learning. Our multifaceted approach guarantees each student will

develop to their full potential. We place the greatest emphasis on teaching basic fundamentals to ensure

students are equipped to meet the demands of

future learning. Having a solid base from which

to build means students will enjoy greater success

throughout their school years. 

Years of experience have taught us what

students like, want and need. We know what works

and we know how to have fun doing it!

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